Thousands of students and their parents laud SU initiative of online classes as the Varsity goes virtually top-gear, VC says they would defeat all odds

Sindh University vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat has said that SU was absolutely ready, prepared and rather poised to take the bull by the horns from June 1 instant as it would go virtual with teaching-learning process.

This he said while presiding over an exclusive training webinar session organized by the Varsity’s Bureau of Students Tutorial Guidance / Counseling Services and Co-curricular Activities (STAGS) wherein students were imparted with specific detailed instruction as to how to use to their optimal benefit features including the log in mechanism, connecting to science labs, accessing digital library and archives, procuring recordings of teaching materials through E-pirtal already at their disposal, assignment submission, attendance-marking and the other necessary ways and means required to effectively and successfully attend online classes through Zoom Cloud interface facility.

” I am immensely encourged by the joining of the training session by overwhelming thousands of students and their parents, reflecting how ardent they are about virtual option and how deeply they trust the system and the Varsity’s capability to operate to move ahead with it. All that is done anew does entail a few challenges, I admit. And if any such odd arises during the course of the implemented action; our IT team is fully set to iron it out”, the VC said.

The vice chancellor resloved stating that if the Pandemic was tough, they were tougher; and that they would not let the dread and despair of the disease to stand obstacle in their path.

Dr. Burfat congratulated Director STAGS Dr.  Sumera Umrani, Director ITSC Dr. Yasir Arfat Malkani and Director ORIC Dr. Zeeshan Bhatti upon successful organization of the training webinar.

Earlier, Director STAGS Dr. Sumera Umrani presented welcome note as she also thereby  outlined in broad detail the objectives of the webinar.