SU holds 2nd Int’l Husn-e-Qirat Conference on its Jamshoro campus

Sindh University’s Institute of Languages (Arabic & Persian) organized the 2nd International Husn-e-Qirat Conference with the Dean Faculty of Arts Professor Dr. Muhammad Khan Sangi in the chair in Shaikh Ayaz Auditorium of Arts Faculty Building here on Wednesday.

Qaris hailing from Egypt, Tanzania (Africa) and Pakistan enchanted the teachers, officers & students sitting in the hall by reciting the holy Quran magnificently and marvelously that greatly impacted on the minds of participants. On the occasion, the auditorium hall resonated and reverberated with the voices of Subhan Allah (All praise be to God Almighty) and Masha Allah (What God has willed, has happened).

The conference on Husn-e-Qirat (Beautiful recital of holy Quran) was started with the recitation from Holy Quran. Qari Hamid Ghundor and Qari Muhammad Usama Afdhali who came all the way from Egypt recited the Holy Quran in such a beautiful and touching way that the voices of Subhan Allah and Masha Allah were heard everywhere in the hall. There was so much sweetness and charm in their voices that the participants were totally spellbound, captivated and awestruck.

Later, Qari Rija Ayoub hailing from Africa’s country Tanzania recited some surahs of magnificent Quran and received great acclamations and approbations on extremely beautiful recitals of the holy Quran. The way of his recital was unique, charming and pleasing on which the audience could not help saying ‘Masha Allah’ (What God wills).

He recited every verse of holy Quran in a way that for a moment the listeners were assuming that he would take a sigh at the point but he did so after completing the entire verse reading it delightfully.

Addressing the conference, Dean Faculty of Arts Prof. Dr Muhammad Khan Sangi said that it was the great perfection of the reciting Qari to complete the verse by reciting it in one breath adding that recitation of the holy Quran refreshed and revitalized the human minds and spirit; therefore, it was necessary to listen to the holy Quran, understand and act upon it.

Dr Sangi said that female students of Sindh University were also fond of carrying out beautiful recitation of the holy Quran but they didn’t have access to such institutions to learn the modus operandi of stunning recitals.

“There is a lack of institutes to teach the youth beautiful recitation (Qirat) in the country, due to which it is difficult for especially students to gain knowledge of it but they still do so on their own which shows their eagerness towards our religious book”, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, the Director Institute of Languages Mufti Dr. Sahibdad Khan Sikandari said that a wonderful program had been organized regarding Husne-e-Qirat (Beautiful recitation) which had greatly mesmerized him too.

“I am elated to have the privilege of organizing this beautiful conference”, he said and added that efforts would be made to commence short courses and one-year diplomas for Arabic language teaching so that the youth might take interest in learning it.

Earlier, Nazar Hussain Chandio, Qari Muhammad Yasir Jamal, Qari Siraj Ahmed Qasmi, Qari Muhammad Iqrab, Qari Mufti Muhammad Mureed Mangrio and others also took part in beautiful recitation (Qirat) of the holy Quran at the delicate conference.

A large number of teachers, scholars, male & female students were in attendance at the conference. On the other hand, the guests were decorated with Sindhi ajrak by the dean Dr Sangi and director Dr Sikandari.

The conference ended with the recitation of Durood Salawat Salam. All the people present in the hall stood up in respect of Durood Sharif.