SU Institute of Sindhology holds folklore festival over bonfire

Folklore exchange sessions serve as bonding sources. Technology has largely encroached upon previous rich one-on-one and inter-group spaces leading to social alienation and indifference. Bonfire meets-up minimize and at times obliterate those distances. 

The above views were expressed by VC-SU Prof.  Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat as a Chief Guest at a folklore bonfire 

the festival organized by the varsity’s Institute of Sindhology at its premises the other day. 

Dr. Burfat further said that folklore continued to be the powerful emblem of the culture of the land, helping people of Sindh retain their cultural peculiarity in the wider beautiful national cultural fabric of Pakistan. 

” I am pretty convinced of the fact that folk bards, artists, artisans and craftsmen not only preserve cultural heritage but also promote and project it the world over”, the VC stressed. 

Dr. Burfat extolled Sindhology Director Dr. Mehmood-ul-Hassan Mughal and his team upon organizing the spectacular event. 

Earlier, Dr. Mughal presented a welcome note, introduced the Institute to the audience, and recounted its year-long accomplishments. 

Leading folk pen-persons from across Sindh mesmerized literature buffs by their spell-binding renditions. 

The event culminated in musical performances that sent those present in an ecstatic swoon.