VC-SU inspects pace and progress of work at SU main-gate site, expresses satisfaction over final stage of work

VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat visited the site of SU main-gate to inspect in person the pace and progress of construction project with a view to expedite velocity of work. He expressed satisfaction over the quality and final stage of the construction work; with special note of delight over the unique and eye-catching design of the gate.

On the occasion, the Vice Chancellor sought work details from the project director in-charge; and urged opportune completion of the same.

“I am glad to witness firsthand fast upcoming of the gate as per international design, lay-out and quality benchmarks as I behold its work at its final stage”, the VC said.

Dr. Burfat said prominent landmarks at campuses all over the world served as identity emblems, adding that the same philosophy was at work while the decision to build this structure was being taken.

“I understand the civil work is almost over. However, beautification of the site is ensuing in the current week”.

Dr. Burfat recounted the series of successes the varsity had up until then made; attributing those triumphs to the dedicated teamwork.

SU-Registrar Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Project Director Ghulam Akbar Solangi, Director Maintenance Munawar Ali Rajar, Chairman SU Colony Prof. Imran Ali Halepoto and Deputy Director Institute of Sindhology Ghulam Nabi Kaka and others accompanied the Vice Chancellor on this occasion.