Scholarship award ceremony at Sindh University recognizes exceptional students

The Students’ Financial Aid Office (SFAO) of the University of Sindh Jamshoro organized a significant ceremony to give away scholarship awards to outstanding students hailing from the University of Sindh, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) and Shaheed Allah Bakhsh University of Art, Design & Heritage (SABUADH) Jamshoro here on Friday.

Some of the talented students of these varsities were beneficiaries of the National Endowment Scholarship for Talent (NEST) program initiated by the Federal Government for Education & Professional Trainings.

The event held at the Sheikh Ayaz Auditorium, Arts Faculty Building, University of Sindh was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, while the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Madad Ali Sindhi graced the occasion as the guest of honor.

The event witnessed the presence of eminent figures including SU Registrar Dr. Mushtaq Ali Jariko, Vice Chancellor Shaheed Allah Bakhsh University of Art, Design, and Heritage Professor Dr. Arabela Bhutto, PVCs, deans, professors, officers and enthusiastic male and female students.

Addressing the audience, SU Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro highlighted the substantial contributions of the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Trainings Madad Ali Sindhi to the realms of education, research, and culture.

Notably, the Federal Minister, an alumnus of the University of Sindh was not only an author of several research based books but also a prominent intellectual from Sindh.

Dr. Kalhoro lauded the Federal Minister's recent scholarly work, a comprehensive book centered on Allama I.I. Kazi, the visionary founder VC of Sindh University, underscoring the profound research contained therein.

He emphasized Sindh University's pivotal role in advancing and imparting higher education and research within the country especially in the Sindh province. He took pride in institutions such as Mehran Engineering University, Liaquat Medical University and Shaheed Allah Bakhsh University, all of which have their roots in Sindh University.

He highlighted the University's commitment to students by offering affordable accommodation in hostels, priced at a mere Rs 5,000 rupees per annum, as well as accessible transportation facilities.

He proudly mentioned the impressive cadre of 400 Sindh University educators who have earned their PhD degrees from prestigious international institutions. “Even local PhD holders serving at the university have achieved recognition for their research work, with their papers published in renowned global journals”, he maintained.

Dr. Kalhoro noted the establishment of the National Incubation Center (NIC) within the Elsa Kazi Campus of Sindh University in Hyderabad, a venture supported by the federal government.

“This initiative aims to empower recent graduates, including those from Sindh University by equipping them with essential skills for entrepreneurship and business startup, thereby facilitating their self-reliance”, he stated.

Federal Minister Madad Ali Sindhi reflecting on his own academic journey at Sindh University 45 years ago expressed heartfelt nostalgia for his time at the Alma Mater, where he resided in the International Hostel. After swearing in as federal minister, he said he had convened a meeting of Vice-Chancellors from various Universities of Sindh in a bid to address their concerns.

He disclosed plans for a forthcoming meeting with the provincial education ministers from all four provinces in Islamabad on October 16, focusing on strategies to educate millions of out-of-school children and enhance the quality of education within government-run institutions in all provinces.

He pledged to expand the National Endowment Scholarship for Talent (NEST) program to include two current or former Vice-Chancellors from Sindh, aiming to extend scholarship opportunities to students hailing from rural areas of the province.

He affirmed his commitment to improve the state of education in Sindh and encouraged all provinces, particularly Sindh, to shoulder their responsibilities in enhancing schools and colleges, delivering quality education.

He also revealed plans to convene a meeting of the Vice-Chancellors from public varsities across the country to address university-specific issues and emphasized the effective utilization of the education budget, stating that such measures could resolve up to 80% of the prevailing challenges.

The ceremony culminated with the distribution of scholarship cheques to deserving students from Sindh University, Liaquat Medical University, and Shaheed Allah Bakhsh University of Arts, Design, and Heritage.

On the occasion, two accomplished students who had successfully completed their studies under the National Endowment Scholarship for talent (NEST) program shared their experiences, achievements in practical life and success story.

Subsequently, the Federal Minister Madad Ali Sindhi accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro visited the Institute of Art and Design (IAD), where the Director Saeed Ahmed Mangi and others welcomed the guest. He presented the minister with a portrait of former VC Sindh University Mazharul Haq Siddiqui and various cultural gifts crafted by students from the department of textile design of the Institute of Art and Design, including beautifully and culturally designed kerchiefs and Sindhi ajraks.

The occasion also featured the inauguration of a photo exhibition at the Benazir Gallery of the Institute by the Federal Minister. He took keen interest in the displayed images. He commended the students and their dedicated teachers of the Institute of Art and Design for doing international level artwork.

In a touching gesture, the Federal Minister Madad Ali Sindhi paid his respects at the shrines of Allama I.I. Kazi and his better half Elsa Kazi, offering flowers and prayers for their eternal peace and blessings.