Canadian speaker explores evolution of universe through a documentary prepared upon Big Bang Theory

Sindh University's Department of History in collaboration with Sindh University History Society (SUHS) organized a documentary screening and lecture titled "History of the Universe: Big Bang Theory" here on Thursday.

The event was aimed to explore the origins and evolution of the universe. The event started with a documentary on the Big Bang Theory. It provided an overview of scientific principles and evidence supporting the theory, highlighting the key milestones to understand the universe. 

The documentary took the audience on a captivating journey through the cosmos. Mr. Nawaz Soomro, a renowned intellectual hailing from Canada gave an enlightening lecture after the documentary screening. 

He explained the complexities of astrophysics and cosmology in an accessible way.  Mr. Soomro discussed the Big Bang Theory, its historical development and its implications for understanding the universe.

After the documentary screening, there was an interactive Q&A session with the students.  The students asked questions and sought clarification on the Big Bang Theory and its related subjects.

The event helped students understand astrophysics as well as cosmology and inspired their curiosity about the vastness of the universe.