Good-tiding for Sindh University faculty, students as PEC accreditates its four programmes

Amid unwavering efforts taken by the team IICT, under the guidance and supervision of Sindh University vice chancellor, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), for the first time in the history of Sindh University has finally accredited four departments of Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT).

According to a press release issued by SU spokesman, the council has given accreditation to information technology, software engineering, telecommunication and electronics. The vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat officially announced it at a ceremony held at the Institute of Information & Communication Technology to celebrate jubilant in context with the accreditation of the institute.

Chaired by SU vice chancellor Dr. Burfat, the ceremony was attended by the dean faculty of natural sciences Prof. Dr. Abdul Rasool Abbasi, pioneer director of the institute Dr. Abdul Hussain Shah Bukhari, prevaling director Prof. Dr. Imdad Ali Ismaili, former director Dr. Lachhman Das Dhomeja, Dr. Kamran Taj Pathan, Dr. Azhar Ali Shah and all the faculty as well as staff members of the institute.

The IICT had launched its operation in 1998 by introducing four-year BCIT program in information technology, BS programs in telecommunication, software and electronics. But due to the pending of the PEC accreditation, public and private sectors were reluctant to employ its engineers.

To meet the PEC criterion, the university administration in consultation with the director of IICT recruited qualified engineering staff and upgraded the institute laboratories.

The vice chancellor Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat in his presidential address at the ceremony organized by the institute congratulated the director, team IICT, faculty, staff and students on the milestone and landmark achieved by the Sindh University and announced establishing a new faculty of engineering & technology which will deal with the PEC accreditated disciplines.

He said that the admissions from the upcoming academic year would be made as per criterion of PEC in these four departments and the students will be able to get engineering degrees on completion of their studies adding that they would be registered Engineers from Pakistan Engineering Council.

Dr. Burfat on the occasion directed the director IICT to complete homework for establishment of faculty of engineering & technology at the campus.

He asked the dean faculty of natural sciences Dr. Abdul Rasool Abbasi to work for establishing faculty of medical sciences consisted of bio-chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, food technology and other medical based departments in order to start medical education from the academic year 2021.

Earlier, while addressing at the ceremony, the director IICT Dr. Ismaili hailed the interest taken by varsity vice chancellor Dr. Burfat in resolving the longstanding issue. He shed light on the efforts he had taken along with his team to get the disciplines accreditated by PEC.

Dean faculty of natural sciences Prof. Dr. Abdul Rasool Abbasi, Dr. Abdul Hussain Bukhari, ex. Director IICT Dr. Lachhman Das Dhomeja, Dr. Azhar Ali Shah and others also spoke at the juncture and felicitated the vice chancellor.