VC-SU and Estonian Professor urge SU Pharmacy students to contemplate studies abroad

SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat along with professor from Estonia Dr. Yar Muhammad Mughal visited Faculty of Pharmacy of the varsity.

During the visit, Dr. Mughal informed students by way of informal exchange of views that Estonia was a small, burgeoning, North European country which was the current world leader in the information technology developments and the digitization in all spheres of life.

Dr. Yar Muhammad Mughal informed students exclusively about why Pakistanis should prefer to study and work in Estonia, and what opportunities the country offered.

He said that higher education in this small EU state came at relatively low tuition fee, living costs were low and there were various scholarship options available for international students.

He told that Estonia had become the first country in the world to have adopted the concept of E-residency in 2014 and had a completely computer-based government. “Before that in 2005, it was the first nation to hold internet elections”, he maintained.

He said that the students of Sindh University needed to get benefits from the technological advancements of Estonia in order to serve the province and the country upon their return to Pakistan.

“Home to around 150 Pakistanis, of whom 50 per cent are currently students of PhD, masters or bachelor’s degrees related to the field of Pharmacy, Estonia has recently signed a vital academic collaboration, approved Erasmus, and established International Credit Mobility Funds between Pakistan and Estonian Universities”, said Dr. Yar Muhammad Mughal.

Eulogizing Estonia’s friendly laws regarding immigrant workers and her relatively liberal social trends, he said that as an international student in Estonia, a person could dove-tail his/her studies with part-time or full-time jobs that he said would be enough to provide a stable support to study, work and stay in this dreamland.

On the occasion, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Dayo, Dr. Muhammad Ali Ghoto, Dr. Ali Qureshi and others accompanied the visiting Dr. Mughal and SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat.