Artworks displayed by SU students in thesis show 2023 attract visitors

An exhibition of artworks by the final year students of the Institute of Art & Design (IAD), University of Sindh opened at institute’s Benazir gallery, attracting a large number of visitors, including art lovers, students and other guests here on Tuesday.

The artists in the thesis show 2023 have used various media such as miniature, sculpture, painting, photography and printmaking and brought together a powerful visual art display, showcasing works of a batch of talented artists, architects, textile and graphic designers.

Inaugurated by the Dean Faculty of Arts Professor Dr Muhammad Khan Sangi, the opening ceremony was attended by Dr Lachhman Das Dhomeja, Shakeel Abro, Dr Mahmood Mughal, Dr Zulfiqar Leghari, Dr Muhammad Younis Leghari, Dr Saju Mal, Dr Raza Shah, Shahid Hussain Larik, Naimatullah Khilji, Sabeen Naeem, Samreen Khilji, Nayab Mirani, Naeema Soomro, Azka, Nadir Ali Jamali, Najeebullah Rashdi, Ghulam Qadir Khaskheli, Rabela Abro, Hasamuddin Mirani and many other heads of departments, faculty members and students. 

Graduating students of the three disciplines- Communication Design, Fine Art and Textile Design use the thesis exhibit to showcase the work which they have done during the last year and produce art from their talent. They did not disappoint their teachers and parents while coming up with unique themes from real life. The students showed their creative works in a befitting manner. Some of the students came up with innovative ideas.

The students displayed their creativity by employing innovative mediums to highlight different modes of humans and other creators while highlighting social issues and problems being faced by women and other segments of society.

The artists explored various themes, highlighting social, political and geographical issues, and employed a number of techniques including miniature painting, printmaking and sculpture to express their own stories and personal journeys through contemporary art.

Speaking on the occasion, Dean Faculty of Arts professor Dr Muhammad Khan Sangi appreciated the students for coming up with new and innovative ideas and producing fine art in their thesis. He also cherished teachers for the guidance and art they transferred to their students.

He said that the work of the students was simple but attractive and they conveyed their message through their thesis easily without any hurdle.

He said the students would produce better work while focusing on theory and its practice. He termed the degree show exceptional as it consisted of exclusive works of art.

“As always, the Institute of Art & Design has produced an overwhelming quality of work. Having viewed the work that is produced by the students, the thesis work is very interesting,” said Dr Sangi.

He said the work of the IAD students showed that the country had a talented young generation who knew how to highlight issues of humanity.

“Each painting provides an extensive narrative portraying the upheaval impacting the young artists, further urging them to create an array of illustrations with regard to their emotional turmoil. The miniature technique applied explores themes of paradox as the’ smaller’ accounts for vaster issues that seem to be grasping society,” he stated.

Addressing the ceremony, the Director Institute of Art & Design Professor Saeed Ahmed Mangi said the works on display were a symbol of hope and representative of rich creativity, adding that he was happy to exhibit students’ works.

“As BS in Communication Design, Fine Art & Textile Design encourages an inquiry into theory and practice, it enables students to find a nexus between both approaches during a period of four years,” he added.

The exhibition will continue till May 26, 2023.