US diplomats visit University of Sindh, addressed SU students regarding opportunities for studying in USA.

Public Affair Officer Mr. Jason Green and Cultural Attache’ Mr. Cameron Thomas Shah from US consulate general Karachi visited University of Sindh and met the  Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr.Fateh Muhammad Burfat. They participated in the seminar ‘Exchanges and Education Opportunities in USA’ organized by Bureau of STAGS University of Sindh in collaboration with US consulate General Karachi. The seminar was presided by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr.Fateh Muhammad Burfat. In his presidential address, he welcomed the guests from the consulate and thanked for encouraging students to participate in exchange programs. Vice Chancellor acknowledged the academic, research and cultural relations between the university and the consulate. A number of students from University of Sindh have been able to avail the opportunity of higher studies in USA with the collaboration of US consulate. He specifically appreciated UGRAD program, on the occasion and said that even currently many students are being trained under the program. He further said that the education institutes of America are the finest and among best in the world, getting education there is a no less than a fortune. Vice Chancellor also mentioned her daughter, who has availed the opportunity under SUSI program. He encouraged students and participants to be informed from the session and avail as many opportunities. He also highlighted the role of parents in encouraging their children specially daughters for applying in such programs. He emphasized that youth is the future of the country. Therefore, it is our collective responsibility to boost their abilities, skills and confidence. He said that it is age of competition and only good education can guarantee success. In his address, he appreciated the faculty of the university and told that many of them hold PHDs from around the world including USA and UK and they are proud of the university. He acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of Bureau of STAGS and congratulated the director. Director STAGS, Dr, Sumera Umrani in her comprehensive presentation had already talked about history of establishment of the university, its campuses, faculties, programs offered and ISO certification. She also informed about the recent achievements and transformations to online attendance and admission system. Among many milestones, she discussed various programs organized by the bureau with collaboration of different institutes. She also talked about the achievements of students who went to USA under UGRAD program.

Talking to session, Public Affair Officer US consulate general Karachi, Mr. Jason Green showed delight to join the session at University of Sindh. He was extremely happy to know that more than 50 students from the university have availed study scholarship opportunities under different programs. He said that the collaboration between University of Sindh and US consulate will work with same zest in future too. He told that Pakistan-US Alumni Network (PUAN) is one of the biggest alumni networks of the world which has around 29,000 Pakistanis. He said all those who return after studying from USA join the network. Furthermore, he also talked about the importance of such programs and told the audience that, when students go to USA, they take their culture and language with them and share it with people there. On their return they bring back academic, cultural and research memories from there. They share their experiences with the people here and the awareness of bilateral relations increase. He further told about multiple opportunities in USA and encouraged the participants to take part and benefit from such programs.

Speaking to the session, Cultural Attache’ US consulate general Karachi  Mr. Cameron Thomas Shah thanked the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat for enthusiastic collaboration in the execution of the session. He informed about various programs including UGRAD, under which students from bachelors, masters as well as PHD can benefit. He told that numerous applications are received for various scholarships and only after careful look, merit-based selection takes place. As a matter of fact, rural backgrounds are preferred. He told the collaboration will continue and such programs will be organized in future too.

Assistant public affairs, US consulate general Karachi, Sarah Asghar in her detailed session, informed the participants about various programs; Full-Bright, Global UGRAD, SUSI, Community Solution, Teach Women Exchange Program and Virtual Mission speaker. She also informed about the application process, eligibility criteria and benefits of various programs and answered the queries of students.

On the occasion, Vice Chancellor decorated the guests of honour with cultural gifts of Ajrak and Topi. The guests also presented the souvenirs to the Vice Chancellor. A great number of students, teachers and other staff participated in the event and witnessed the collaboration.