SU establishes separate directorate for its evening programs to enhance quality

In order to provide high-quality education through evening programs under the aegis of the different Faculties, the University of Sindh, Jamshoro has established the Directorate of Evening Programs to manage the time table of each program with proper work-load and subject relevance, to coordinate with academic heads to ensure the conduct of classes as per the schedule and approved syllabus, to ensure E-Attendance of students strictly on daily basis, to ensure availability of conveyance to students, to ensure that practical/Labs are conducted properly as per syllabus, to ensure availability, of course, outlines to each student for each subject, to ensure that there persists a conducive environment in all of the evening programs, to manage remuneration of evening programs, and to prepare the admission schedule of pre-entry test

Initially, Prof. Dr. Jawed Ahmed Chandio, Professor and Director Institute of Commerce has been assigned to look after the Directorate of Evening programs in addition to his own duties as Professor and Director at, Institute of Commerce.

Dr. Chandio shall look after the Directorate of Evening programs through his present office in the Institute of Commerce and the additional staff, if required shall be provided to streamline the affairs of the newly established directorate.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Ashiq Jhatial, Professor, Institute of Commerce is assigned to act as the Director of Evening Programs at Institute of Commerce (in addition to his own duties as Professor), with immediate effect.