SU distinct venues receive disinfectant spray, vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat satisfied

As a part of ongoing concerted endeavors by Sindh University administration to combat and contain Covid 19 to ensure safety of campus and colony inhabitants, a significant move was initiated at the Varsity in form of carrying out disinfectant spray of distinct venues under special directives of SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat and special token of support and cooperation by Deputy Commissioner Captain (R) Fareeduddin Mustafa.

In the given context, initially foreign faculty hostel and some other prominent premises received disinfectant spray under the supervision of excutive secretary to the vice chancellor Prof. Ghulam Murtaza Khoso and executive staff officer to deputy commissioner Jamshoro Mazhar Hussain Panhwar.

In his views expressed on the occasion, vice chancellor Dr. Burfat said he was extremely satisfied to note strict adherence to all SOPs recommended by federal and pronvincial governments by all varsity stakeholders in letter and spirit.

” We are in a kind of a state of war. But we are determined to safeguard the safety of all Varsity empliyees and denizens, no matter what. Besides, we are also continuing with all academic and administrative work notwithstanding the odds posed by the pandemic”, the vice chancellor affirmed.

Immensely thanking deputy commissioner Jamshoro Mr. Fareeduddin Mustafa for his mighty support and cooperation in form of launch of disinfectant spray drive at SU campus, Dr. Burfat said that by sheer determination, courage, strong nerve and help and cooperation of people and support from district management; they would soon collectively overwhelm the virus and would happily return to normal routine.