Higher education opportunities in Canada’ awareness seminar held at SU

Bureau of Students Tutorial Guidance/Counseling Services and Co-curricular Activities (STAGS) in collaboration with Sindh Cultural and Literary Association Canada organized a one-day awareness seminar on “Higher Education Opportunities in Canada” at Shaikh Ayaz auditorium of the Faculty of Arts. Sindh University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat presided over the event, wherein Mubashir Mullick was the Keynote Speaker on the occasion.

Dr. Burfat in his presidential remarks said that the given kind of events served as catalysts to the varsity youth who possessed enormous potential and talent but lacked the requisite awareness to widen their academic and professional outreach. Thanking the Canadian Pakistani guests and appreciating the role of the Bureau of STAGS and its Director Dr. Sumera Umrani, the Vice-Chancellor said the seminar contents would inspire youth to find their way to the world varsities including Canada.

Keynote Speaker Mr. Mullick, by way of effective, efficient PowerPoint presentation, highlighted the broad counters of academic prospects in Canada that included admission process, universities available, fee structure, lodging boarding facilities, visa procedure, scholarships, useful websites and links.

Other office-bearers of CLAC Canada including Khair Muhammad Kolachi, Sahib Khan Sahani, Imran Ahmed Shaikh and Prof. Wazir Ali Rattar also spoke on the occasion.

A large number of faculty, officers and students participated in the seminar which was moderated by Muhammad Junaid Malik of the STAGS.


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