Speakers eulogize artistic work of living legend Prof Ali Nawaz Phalpoto at SU

JAMSHORO: Speakers at a ceremony on Wednesday have eulogized the artistic work of the founder of Institute of Art & Design (IAD) at the University of Sindh and artist of world repute Prof Ali Nawaz Phalpoto and said that the pointillist is a living legend who has been serving the 3rd generation relating to fine art.

They said his heart bit with art while his spirits were high for further promotion of artistic work in the country adding that it should be made mandatory for every department of the varsity to hold lecturers of senior most professors like Ali Nawaz so that the students might get benefit from their knowledge, expertise and art.

This they said while addressing the book donation ceremony organized at the Institute of Art & Design, University of Sindh wherein the living legend donated as many as 300 unique and exceptional books to the seminar library of the institute. 

SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat chaired the event who on the occasion announced to name the seminar library of the institute after Mr. Phalpoto.

In his presidential address, VC Dr Burfat lauded the services of the founder of Institute of Art & Design and said that they were fortunate enough to see the artist of world repute sitting among them. He added that the artist rendered exquisite services in the field of fine art.

He said that Sindh University will soon pave ways to development, growth and progress in presence of academic gems like Mr Phalpoto and many others.

The vice chancellor further said that the slot of VC was sacrosanct and just to preserve its sanctity; he had been fighting legal wars but he could never even think of making efforts for his personal gains.

He said that his efforts regarding bringing the varsity at par with global institutions of higher learning will continue at every cost.

Professor Ali Nawaz Phalpoto on the occasion said that he always tried to highlight the human values, ethics and significance of mankind in his paintings in a bid to let the new generation know that the humanity was above every other thing in this world.

 “It is teaching of messengers of Allah since ages that we should serve humanity first. Let’s be submissive to mankind and serve the people in letter & spirit”, he maintained.

He further said that the new generation must perform their duties honestly ad well as sincerity and it was the only path for the youths leading them to advancement in life.

Veteran author and honorary director Ghulam Mustafa Qasmi chair, University of Sindh Kazi Khadim Hussain said that professor Ali Nawaz Phalpoto was an institution in him who gave new directions to fine art, established many institutions concerning art and produced world recognized scholars.

He proposed that every department of the varsity should be made bound to organize lectures of senior most professors every month whose contributions he said could not be ignored in their respective fields.

 “I am flabbergasted to know that Prof. Ali Nawaz Phalpoto has donated as many as 300 unique and priceless books to the seminar library of IAD, it is really  one of the sign of greatness of this noble personality”, he said and added that the students would greatly take advantages from these books.

Dean faculty of arts Prof. Dr. Anwar Figar Hakro said that the artists like Ali Nawaz knotted the bond of past, present and future together in order to preserve the history, art and culture of the nation. He announced that the students of the institute will conduct research on the life achievement and services of professor Phalpoto in the sphere of fine art.

On the occasion, director IAD professor Saeed Ahmed Mangi, Aijaz Phalpoto, Prof. Qasim Khaskheli, young fine artist Nadir Jamali, SU’s director finance Zainal Abideen Shah and others also spoke. 

At the juncture, singer Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi and artiste Naimatullah Khilji sang wayees of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and dedicated the same to the living legend.