Director SU’S Mirza Kaleech Baig Chair calls on Vice Chancellor Dr. Barfat, presents newly published book and calendar

JAMSHORO: Director Mirza Kaleech Baig Chair, University of Sindh Dr. Nawab Kaka called on the vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Barfat and presented him the newly published book “Hayat Kaleech” and calendar of New Year 2021 here on Monday.

During the meeting, Dr. Nawab Kaka also briefed the vice chancellor, University of Sindh Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Barfat on the printing of Qaleech’s books, research activities and other plans he chalked out for the year 2021.

On this occasion, VC Dr. Burfat applauded and highly praised him and said that the academic and research work of Mirza Kaleech Baig needed to be passed on to the new generation so that the youth might take interest in reading the books and increase their desire for knowledge.

He said that the promotion of research culture had brought about a positive change on the campus and the confidence of students and scholars in the university had also increased significantly.

He said that Mirza Kaleech Baig Chair was working hard in the field of higher education and research, for which it deserved appreciation.