SU scholar Deen Muhammad Kalhoro successfully defends PhD thesis in public defense, qualifies for award of doctorate degree in Sindhi

Well-known prose writer of Sindhi language, compiler of an excellent book on the research contributions of well-known personalities of Qambar-Shahdadkot district & PhD scholar at Department of Sindhi, University of Sindh Jamshoro Deen Muhammad Kalhoro has successfully defended his doctorate thesis in the public defense here on Friday.

In the final PhD seminar held at the Department of Sindhi, University of Sindh Jamshoro, he presented his thesis titled “A Critical Study of Mohabat Buriro's Work on Sindhi Language '' Sindh in the presence of his supervisor Prof. (Retd.) Dr. Muhammad Anwar Figar Hakro and defended it efficiently on which he was declared successful and eligible for getting the PhD degree after fulfilling other required formalities.

While presenting his thesis, he said that Mohabat Buriro was a Sindhi language researcher, critic, translator, political as well as national leader and an MBBS doctor, but his first recognition in Sindh was as a political activist.

He told that in 1990, he distanced himself from politics and took interest in research upon Sindhi language, during which he started work on the lingo, grammar, encyclopedia, idiom writing, translation and lexicography adding that working on Sindhi language was the other side of Mohabat Buriro's practical life.

Discussing the need and importance of his research topic, the well-known prose writer and PhD scholar Deen Muhammad Kalhoro said that the research work of Mohabat Buriro in Sindhi possessed various aspects as per modern critical planning in line with research methods and principles.

“If examined, this topic can become an epicenter of attention for teachers, students, scholars and researchers who are interested in various topics of Sindhi linguistics”, he said.

He said that before this, there were contradictions between domestic and foreign researchers on various topics of linguistics; however, Mohabat Buriro not only discussed such contradictions in linguistics significantly, but he also tried to establish his vivid opinion on them.

“Therefore, there is a dire need for topics like this in Sindhi language to be worked upon”, he said.

Describing the purpose of the research, the scholar Kalhoro said that new and hidden areas related to the subject had been discovered, which had not been practically researched and critically worked on with explanation before it.

He said that after research on the subject, the ideas, assumptions and opinions presented on the origin of the Sindhi language from the beginning to the present day were combined for study so that the readers and scholars could be encouraged to think more and understand the concerned things from new angles for further research.

In his thesis, the scholar also shed light on the methodology of research, the scope of the subject, the sources of research and the research report in detail.

On this occasion, the expert for the seminar Prof. Dr. Sher Mehrani of the Department of Sindhi, University of Karachi, giving his connoisseur opinion, said that the research and critical work of Deen Muhammad Kalhoro on the services of Mohabat Buriro was gigantic and magnificent.

“In his research work, the scholar has tried to solve things on one hand and on the other hand, he has also raised new debates and questions”, he said and added that asking questions was important in research and the researcher had also taken up new queries.

He said that research was like a flowing river; Deen Muhammad had worked as a diver in it.

Chairman of the Department of Sindh, University of Sindh, Dr. Syed Noor Muhammad Shah said that Mohabat Buriro was a great name in Sindhi linguistics and research, while Deen Muhammad Kalhoro had paid a great tribute to him by working upon him.

He advised the scholar to review his research findings and organize them in order to improve the thesis more professionally.

Dr. Rehana Nazir, Dr. Rushdullah Shah popularly known as Makhmour Bukhari, young renowned poet & researcher Mour Mugheri, Dr. Shazia Pitafi, Dr. Fayaz Latif, Dr. Nawab Kaka and many others were also present on the occasion.