Hyderabad High Court and District Bars resent FIR against SU VC and others, term it mala fide

The administration of University, Jamshoro has expressed deep gratitude to the Managing Committees of High Court Bar Association Hyderabad Sindh and Hyderabad District Bar Association, especially to their respective Presidents and General Secretaries Farhad Ali Abro, Mumtaz Alam Laghari, Mian Taj Muhammad Keerio, Mohsin Raza Gopang, Khuda Bux K.B Leghari and other office bearers for condemning in emergent forum meetings the lodgment of FIR against VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat, SU Registrar Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, SU Professors, officers, and employees nominated there-in by Anti Corruption authorities; and for categorically terming it ” without jurisdiction, fake, fabricated, unlawful, mala fide and prior to proper probe” in their unanimous resolutions.

The Varsity administration exclusively eulogized the two Managing Committees for their unequivocal slamming of arrest and handcuffing of Ph.D. Professor of Geology Dr. Ali Asghar Hakro.

Hailing the resolutions as “Most Appropriate and Opportune”, the SU administration said the two Bars had always struggled for upholding of the law, independence of the judiciary, the supremacy of the constitution, and protection of human rights. And that their support to the Varsity was one more such step in the right direction.

The administration agreed with the Bar resolutions that unlawful FIR by AC authorities and the subsequent courses of action had greatly damaged the repute of SU and its stakeholders and had enormously disturbed the functioning of the University.