Journalism has become an important front to serve the society, good journalists must highlight the social issues, says senior journalist Khalid Chandio

Former President of Hyderabad Press Club and senior journalist Khalid Chandio has said that journalism is a broad field in which only young people having passion and obsession can succeed and they must try to highlight the social issues through their stories.

He said that journalism had become an important front to serve the society, adding that it was necessary for a good journalist to bring the news to the public in the same way as doctors manipulated the human body to perform an operation.

This he said while delivering a lecture to the students of Department of Media & communication Studies, University of Sindh Jamshoro here on Monday. The lecture program was organized by the department.

Khalid Chandio further said that it took a lot of effort to get the news; it was not always the case that someone gave his version on certain issues and the news was ready.

He said that the youth of the Department of Media and Communication, University of Sindh should start working in professional institutions after getting their degrees so that the evils in the society could be eradicated for the construction of a better society.

He said that just calling the personal version on certain issues as news was not really news; one had to regularly investigate the news and evaluate its various aspects in a professional way.

The senior journalist further said that in the past, reporters from different cities used to bring news and pictures to the print media organizations located in Hyderabad and Karachi, because in those days, not to speak of the Internet, there was even the availability of fax machines.

He said that due to the lack of facilities, it was very difficult to deliver news in institutions. "Presently, delivering news in organizations has become very easy", he said.

“Whether it is print or electronic media, today's journalists file news via their cell phones and send it to the organization in minutes”, he said and added that it was important to have knowledge of philosophy to enter the media, since philosophy was the mother of all fields in the world.

The journalist said that philosophers had had a hand somewhere in the academic, literary or scientific works done all over the world.

He said that it was significant for a journalist to have access to domestic and foreign affairs, current affairs, different religions, history, cultures, judiciary, democratic system and his country's constitution, only then he could prove to be the best journalist.

He said that there was a need for more good journalists in Pakistan; the country needed more reporters, anchorpersons, hosts and newscasters.

During the lecture, Khalid Chandio informed the students about his experiences from entering print media to electronic media. He said that his career started as a proofreader, after which he was a sub-editor and then moved from reporter to bureau chief and other important positions in electronic media.

The senior journalist assured the students of the Department of Media and Communication Studies that he would fully assist them in seeking internships in various newspapers and TV channels of Hyderabad, while interested youths should remain in touch with him.

Earlier, the Chairman Department of Media and Communication Studies of Sindh University Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi welcomed the guest speaker and presented him with a gift. Dr. Bashir Memon, Dr. Muhammad Qasim Nizamani, Dr. Farheen Qasim Nizmani, Prof. Muhammad Siddique Soomro, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Chhachhar, Dr. Rashid Ali Khuhro, Prof. Liaquat Umrani, Noor Muhammad Samejo, Shafa Agha, Anjum Ara Leghari, Zulfi Panhwar and many others participated.