Allama I.I Kazi remembered on his 55th death anniversary, termed as epitome of Bhittai’s poetry

Speakers on Thursday have paid glowing tributes to the founder of the University of Sindh in Jamshoro Allama Imdad Ali Imam Ali Kazi (I.I. Kazi) and eulogized his unwavering educational services on the 55th death anniversary of the great scholar.

They said that Allama I.I. Kazi was the epitome of Bhittai’s poetry, adding that he left a luxurious life in London and returned home to serve his people and he ensured the construction of Sindh University in Jamshoro.

This they said while talking to the media at the shrine of founder Vice-Chancellor Allama I.I. Kazi and addressing the book-launching ceremony in the Video Conference hall, Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Vice-Chancellor Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro and others laid floral wreaths at Allama's shrine. Nazar Ali Chandio recited verses from the holy Quran, while the director of the Institute of Languages Dr. Mufti Sahibzad Ali Sikandari offered a collective prayer.

Later, the book of author Madad Ali Sindhi titled “Allama I.I. Kazi: Personality & Life History” was launched at a ceremony. Addressing on the occasion, SU Vice-Chancellor Professor (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro said that Allama’s great services in the field of higher education will always be remembered, adding that Allama Kazi was a great religious scholar who rendered unparalleled services for the establishment of Sindh University.

He said that Allama I.I. Kazi used to teach people about Islam with the help of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai's poems and would give weekly lectures on various subjects for the enhancement of knowledge and understanding of the youth.

He said although Allama led a simple life, yet he strongly believed in discipline and punctuality.

“The existence of Sindh University and all the academic facilities being provided today are the result of the efforts of our founder VC, who brought higher education to the people of Sindh”, Dr Kalhoro said and added that when Sindh University was shifted from Karachi to Hyderabad, it had no building, facility or budget, therefore, he [Allama Kazi] had to start from zero and made the history for his consistency and hard working.

“Due to his efforts, the government allocated Rs 50,000 as an annual budget for the university in those days”, the VC said.

He said that Allama I.I Kazi was a simple but principled person who never compromised on the progress and growth of the varsity.

Author Madad Ali Sindhi said that Allama I.I. Kazi always urged the students and scholars to ensure discipline and work hard in order to achieve their goals in life.

“He was always ready to meet students and scholars and guide them”, he said and added that writing a book on Allama Kazi was aiming at paying him a rich tribute as he contributed to the development of Sindh.

“All those people who served Sindh in one way or another should be paid tribute by writing books on their lives”, he said.

Madad Ali Sindhi said that the first Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University was A.B. Haleem, but after shifting the university from Karachi to Hyderabad, A.B. Haleem was appointed as the VC of Karachi University, while Allama Kazi was appointed as the head of Sindh University.

“I think G.M Syed might have singled out Allama I.I. Kazi for Vcship at SU”, he maintained and added that after his death in April 1968, no one celebrated his first death anniversary in 1969, on which he claimed G.M. Syed expressed sorrow and grief and he along with his friends assured G.M Syed to mark the day from the next year in 1970 and since then Allama Kazi was being remembered every year.

SU Larkana campus PVC Dr. Azhar Ali Shah said that the first department of education was established in Sindh University in 1951, with the aim of producing teachers.

He said that the country had recently been brought into being mere 4 years back’ therefore, Pakistan needed teachers and Allama Kazi materialized it with his vision.

He said that after the establishment of the education department, first M.Ed., and then B.Ed. was started at SU.

Dr Shah further said that after the Department of Education, Allama launched the Department of Islamic culture as he believed that the country was established on the basis of Islam, consequently the establishment of the department was indispensable.

Speaking on the book written by Madad Ali Sindhi about Allama Kazi, Amar Sindhu demanded that the author had conducted research on the personality and life of Allama Kazi, therefore, he should be awarded an honorary degree of Ph.D.

Chairman, Department of Sindhi, University of Karachi University and renowned writer Dr. Sher Mehrani and Shaukat Ujjan endorsed Amar Sindhu's demand.

At the juncture, Dr. Muhammad Khan Sangi, Dr. Makhmour Bukhari and others also addressed. A number of students and teachers were present in the event.