Scholarships come galore to SU students

As many as 40 need-cum-merit based scholarships each worth Rs. 150, 000 have come exclusively to art students of University of Sindh, Jamshoro. SU is among 15 out of around 200 higher education institutions to have won this rare award. This package comes from the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan under the National Endowment Scholarship for Talent (NEST) program.

A modest yet magnificent awareness seminar was held at the Institute of Art and Design to inform, educate and encourage students to apply and compete for the award. SU vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat was the chief guest, wherein, SU Director Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) Dr. Fiza Qureshi was guest of honor; in addition to Director Institute of Arts and Design Prof. Saeed Mangi who was in attendance as the host.

In his views on the eve, Dr. Burfat said SU was the cynosure for poor people that offered higher education at a comparatively far humbler cost.

“I am glad to partake that we have 14 diverse student financial aid programs running parallel at SU. After my assumption of office as vice-chancellor, we have been able to disburse stipends and scholarships to around 7000 needy meritorious students. This year 3000 out of 6000 newly-admitted students will be receiving financial assistance; which is hefty 50 percent”, the vice-chancellor informed.

Dr. Burfat further said he had made a solemn pledge asserting not even a single talented student should come to discontinue education merely because he or she could not financially afford it.

Dr. Fiza Qureshi said that her office staff and she worked diligently to ease the financial burden on SU students.

“During my days at the campus as a student, I too underwent monetary strain. I can feel the travails of the taught on a personal note. This is why I reckon it a worship to bring SU students scholarship opportunities”, stated Dr. Qureshi.

She paid VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat glowing tribute for his all-time encouragement and support.

Prof. Mangi said art education was exorbitantly expensive on account of material used making it difficult for poor yet passionate students to pursue a career in art; however, the given grants would significantly reduce the expense stress of such students.

SFOA administrative officer Qamar Nangraj also spoke on the occasion. IELL senior faculty Dr. Ghulam Ali Buriro moderated the event.