Online classes successfully and effectively get underway at SU with vast majority of students in attendance

SU, after long, rigorous and punctilious preparations, trainings and tutorials to both teachers and students finally commenced the post-midterm phase of the first semester of the academic year 2020 through Zoom Cloud virtual teacher-student intetface via the Varsity’s indigenously-developed Learning Managementment System (LMS).


All 57 Varsity department/institute/centre teachers at the main campus in addition to faculty at all its additional campuses successfully and effectively conducted their respective scheduled major, minor and compulsory classes attended by probdingnagian number of students in each interface. 


SU vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat virtually went into random attendance in various ongoing sessions to personally ensure all went exactly as it had been intended. 


He expressed immense delight over the appropriateness and efficacy of the launched system as he congratulated all involved.


” We have had smooth first-day transaction of online teaching-learning practice. I understand it is not an ideal subsitute of its face-to-face version, yet it is best pick from among the available options enabling us save most premium student time and career-interest in the most affordable and economical manner”, Dr. Burfat added. 


This 8-week online activity is supposed to conclude by the end of July instant.