Online Complaint Query System for LMS e-portal of ITSC University of Sindh | Online Student HelpDesk

In order to better facilitate the Faculty Members and Students in solving their queries/issues/problems related to the LMS e-portal, ITSC has introduced an online New Complaint/Query Ticket System, integrated within your e-portal account. When you log into the LMS on your dashboard, you will see a new icon with "Report Query /Contact ITSC". 

Using this feature, each faculty member or student can register their query/complaint and a system-generated ticket will be assigned to that query. Based on the ticket, the record of each query will be maintained in the sender's account and will be submitted to the Query management system at ITSC. Within ITSC, a special Helpdesk is established with 05 dedicated operational staff members who have been assigned tasks to monitor, process, and resolve the queries immediately on a priority basis. 

When submitting a Query ticket, automated emails will also be sent to the sender and ITSC staff. After resolving the query, the status of the query will be updated on the senders portal with reply comments from ITSC. Through this new Complaint/Query Ticket System, We will be able to monitor, track, manage, process, and resolve every query of teachers and students on time with efficiency. 

Therefore, All faculty members and students are requested to use the new Query submission system within LMS to register their problems related to the LMS e-portal and our staff will help you resolve the issues.

Please note that henceforth, Queries send through WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Phone Calls will NOT BE entertained. All are respectfully requested to submit every query related to online e-portal services through the new Query Ticket System so that we can monitor and track each query's status.

Watch the following tutorial for further guidance.

Online Complaint Query System for LMS e-portal of ITSC University of Sindh Online | Student HelpDesk