COVID-19 left psychological effects on common people: says Dr Farhan Abdul Rauf

A lecture of the Consultant Public Health Programs and Services Dr. Farhan Abdul Rauf was organized at the Sindh Development Studies Center (SDSC), University of Sindh, Jamshoro here on Tuesday.

In his lecture, Dr. Farhan Abdul Rauf said that coronavirus was not only a disease, but its psychological effects were also very negative for the common people.

He said that due to the effects of COVID-19, many people around the world, including Pakistan, had become mentally ill and had not been able to return to normal life.

“Thankfully, cases of COVID-19 are declining, but caution is still needed, as the virus has had dangerous consequences,” he said.

He said that the use of masks in normal life should be ensured to eradicate COVID-19 and still carefulness should be exercised while shaking hands.

He said that those who suffered from psychiatric problems due to coronavirus had not been able to return to normal life as yet.