SU’s Pakistan Study Centre establishes first ever ‘QC Library’ in Hyderabad Juvenile Prison

The Pakistan Study Center of Sindh University Jamshoro has established the first ever “Quiet Crime Library” (QCL) in the Juvenile Jail of Hyderabad here on Thursday.

The purpose of establishment of QCL is to provide reading facilities to the incarcerated adolescent for their welfare and divert their attention towards criminal activities.

According to a statement issued by the Director SU’s Pakistan Study Center Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar, various books have been kept in the Quiet Crime Library in the juvenile prison of Hyderabad in a bid to provide an opportunity to the prisoners to read the books, seek knowledge and get education.

The young prisoners could quit the habits of crime in future and they will be able to become useful members of the society after being released from prison.

Quiet Crime Library in Juvenile prison Hyderabad was inaugurated by Pakistan Study Center Director Professor Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar and the Inspector General Sindh Jails Kazi Nazir Ahmed at a ceremony held in this regard.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mahesar said that by providing educational opportunities in prison, the increasing crime could be lessened to a great extent in the society and the criminal minded broods will adopt good behavior and stay away from the world of felony.

He said that the establishment of QC library will help the imprisoned youth suffering from mental disorders, psychological tribulations and depression out of these problems, adding that such corrective methods will prove to be more effective than violent techniques for the elimination of crimes.

He said the rehabilitation of the confined adolescents in the society will be possible in a dignified manner only by imparting them education and art.

Emphasizing on the reforms of the prison culture, he said that there should be a suitable arrangement for the socialization for the criminal youth at the time of coming out of the prison after undergoing their punishments.

Dr Mahesar said that the released persons from prison could be prevented from going back to the same criminal world only if there might be well-regarded space for them in the society.

IG Sindh Prisons Kazi Nazir Ahmed said that the setup of a library for the Juvenile Prison by the University of Sindh was really a noble cause, which will bring about a gigantic change in the lives of the prisoners.

He said the QCL would have far-reaching results in the lives of young prisons in the days to come. He said that every class of society should play a role for the best future of the youth imprisoned in jails as Sindh University took an initiative, which he said was commendable.

On the occasion, the Superintendent of Children’s Jail Syed Naseem Ali and many others were also present.