SU VC visits campus, inspects playing grounds, expresses satisfaction over sanitation, beautification of varsity

The Vice-Chancellor University of Sindh Jamshoro Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro on Tuesday visited the campus and inspected the PCB cricket as well as football grounds & Hyder Bakhsh Jatoi pavilion and reviewed the cleanliness, greenery and beauty of the campus.

Witnessing the best plantation and spotlessness on the campus, he praised the work of malhis and beldars of different sections of the varsity and said that steps were being taken to further improve the campus environment by planting more saplings and cleansing it.

According to the details, the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Kalhoro at the onset of his visit reached the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ground at Sindh University, where Director Sports (Boys) Ajved Ahmed Bhatti, Plantation Officer Munawar Ali Rajar, Director Estate Rafique Ali Brohi and other related officials welcomed him.

He reviewed the trees planted around the ground and walked in to witness the pitch and the green grass of the playing field.  He expressed his satisfaction over the plantation and beautification of the ground.

Later, he reached the Hyder Bakhsh Jatoi Pavilion, where he walked through various parts of the building and inspected the natural beauty of the surrounding trees, crimson, purple and green flowers and foliage plants.

The Vice-Chancellor also paid a visit to the football ground and inspected the beautification work there.

He eulogized the work of the staff of the Directorate of Sports (Boys) and the Malhis and Beldars of different departments and passed on good wishes to them.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro said that sanitation, horticulture and security sections of Sindh University played a pivotal role in keeping the Allama I.I. Kazi campus in a magnificent and safe condition.

He said it was his desire that everyone visiting the varsity might be impressed by the beautification and plantation of the campus.

The Vice-Chancellor further said that Sindh University will be made a role model for other universities in terms of sanitation, horticulture, security, natural beauty and environmental improvement.