SU receives over Rs. 11.2 million from provincial government under scholarship program

Sindh University’s Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) has received an amount of over Rs. 11.2 million from the government of Sindh under the Need Cum Merit Scholarship Program for deserving and needy students.

The scholarship program is aimed at providing financial assistance to the students who are unable to afford their educational expenses due to financial constraints.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Ushr & Zakat, Government of Sindh for its generous contribution in terms of scholarship program for the needy students.

He also thanked the ministry for recognizing the efforts being made by the University’s Student Financial Aid Office.

He further stated that the scholarship program would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Student Financial Aid Office, led by its director Prof. Dr. Mushtaque Ali Jariko.

Dr. Kalhoro eulogized the untiring efforts of Dr. Jariko in ensuring the scholarship program and providing the required documents including Fund Utilization Reports and invoices to the ministry and other bodies.

He said that the amount provided by the provincial ministry actually showcased the trust level of the ministry in the transparent system of SU

He hoped that the Sindh Ministry for Ushr & Zakat and other government ministries and donor agencies will continue extending their monetary cooperation with the University for the Academic Benefit of the poor students enrolled on the campus.