Country’s 76th Independence Day celebrated with fervor at Sindh University

The 76th Independence Day of Pakistan was celebrated with enthusiasm and patriotic zeal at the University of Sindh Jamshoro here on Monday. 

The grand ceremony was graced by the presence of Sindh University Vice-Chancellor, Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, who hoisted the national flag in a solemn moment. The event commenced with the stirring notes of the national anthem, resonating the spirit of unity and freedom.

Distinguished personalities including Registrar Dr Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto, members of the Syndicate, deans, faculty members, officers, and employees joined the commemorative occasion in large numbers. 

A jubilant atmosphere prevailed as attendees came together to mark the momentous day in the nation's history. 

A symbol of unity and joy, a ceremonial cake was cut by the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, followed by the distribution of sweets among the participants, symbolizing the festive nature of the event. In a demonstration of valor and pride, a contingent comprising policeman and Sindh University's security guards executed a parade, enhancing the patriotic fervor of the event. 

The occasion was further embellished by the mellifluous voices of school students singing mili naghmas, evoking nostalgia and patriotism. 

Addressing the gathering, the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Kalhoro eloquently expressed the significance of Pakistan's hard-won independence, achieved through immense sacrifices. He urged everyone to cherish and uphold the value of freedom, highlighting the importance of sincere dedication and integrity in serving the nation. 

"Our devotion to our homeland is the most genuine form of service," he affirmed. He evoked the struggles of regions like Indian-held Kashmir and Palestine, emphasizing the ongoing battles for freedom and the courage exhibited by those involved. He underlined the need to learn from these examples and to honor the freedom bestowed upon Pakistan. A joint prayer was led by Mr. Nazar Hussain Chandio, focusing on the prosperity, development, and progress of the nation on this special day.  The ceremony culminated with an inauguration ceremony at Sindh University's Babul Islam Entrance, where the Vice-Chancellor inaugurated newly-installed main gates. 

The gates were adorned with magnificent SU logos, a representation of the institution's pride and commitment to security. Participants expressed their admiration for the Vice-Chancellor's tireless efforts in enhancing university security. 

Capturing the memory of the event, they took photographs against the backdrop of the splendid gates. Dr. Kalhoro announced the installation of CCTV cameras across the university campus, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders. 

The newly inaugurated gate, named the Babul Islam gate, would be operational until 8:00 pm, after which other gates would serve as entry and exit points for the Sindh University residential colony. 

Reiterating his dedication to safety and security, the Vice-Chancellor pledged to use the designated gates himself, encouraging others to follow suit for the collective well-being of the campus community. 

The event concluded with a renewed sense of unity, purpose and commitment to upholding Pakistan's hard-fought independence.