Probation officers from information group of 50th common visit Sindh University

 A group of six probation officers from the Information Group of the 50th Common Training Program undertook a visit to the University of Sindh Jamshoro, which was led by Director General of the Information Service Academy (ISA) Islamabad Saeed Ahmed Shaikh, Director of the Press Information Department Hyderabad Imdad Ali Leghari and Deputy Director of the Common Training Program Sana Hamid here on Friday. The visit encompassed various academic departments and institutes within the university. During their visit, the officers conducted inspections and observations of the operational procedures within the Department of Media & Communication Studies (DMCS), the Institute of English Language & Literature (IELL), the Institute of Art & Design (IAD), and the Institute of Sindhology. The team of probation officers, consisting of Alishba Fatima Tajwar, Roha Khan, Anum Awan, Ifra Hussain, Sahiba Chand, and Ayesha Athar, had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience of the working dynamics and academic endeavors of these departments. The female officers of the CSS Information Group began their tour with a visit to the Department of Media and Communication Studies. Here, they were received by Dr. Bashir Memon, who provided them with an overview of the department's activities. The officers were shown various facilities including editing rooms, studios, content development sections, classrooms, as well as publications such as the Weekly Roshni and Monthly Shaoor magazines, produced by the students under the supervision of teachers. Engaging actively, the officers meticulously examined the different facets of DMCS and also posed inquiries. Subsequently, the delegation proceeded to the Institute of English Language and Literature. Welcomed by the institute's director, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Soomro, along with Prof. Dr. Tariq Hasan Umrani, Dr. Farida Yasmin Panhwar, Dr. Sumera Umrani, Dr. Ellahi Bakhsh Gopang, and other faculty members, the officers were briefed about the programs offered by the institute. Dr. Abdul Fattah Soomro outlined the institute's offerings, which include three BS programs in Linguistics, Literature, and English Language Teaching (ELT), as well as M.Phil and PhD programs in English Linguistics and Literature. The officers observed ongoing M.Phil and PhD classes and explored the seminar library and bookshop. The delegation continued its tour at the Institute of Art and Design, where they visited the Benazir Gallery for a photography exhibition. Assistant Professor and renowned artist Nadir Ali Jamali provided an insightful overview of the institute. Captivated by the displayed photographs, the CSS officers not only expressed keen interest but also took selfies to commemorate the experience. The final stop on their tour was the Institute of Sindhology. Welcomed by the Sindh University Registrar Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto, Publication Officer Dr. Waheed Jatoi, Zahid Kalhoro and other officials, the officers were guided through the Sindhology Museum. Dr. Waheed Jatoi provided a comprehensive insight into the traditional artifacts housed in the museum, covering cultural items, historical corners, ancient weaponry, antiquities and sculptures. Enthusiastically, the young officers also took photographs within the museum and shared their appreciation for the immersive experience, likening it to a comprehensive tour of Sindh. With their educational excursion concluded, the delegation returned to Hyderabad, having gained valuable insights and experiences.