VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat inaugurates “Aqua Excellence Water Filter Plant” at SU-NCEAC

SU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat inaugurated at SU National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry a latest, quality-efficient and state-of-the-art “Aqua Excellence Water Filter Plant” that corresponds to the standards specified to this effect by the World Health Organization. A sizeable number of senior faculty, scholars, researchers and research students were present on the occasion.

In his impressions given on the occasion, Dr. Burfat said that science experts and scholars of nationally-and-internationally-proven ability worked at NCEAC and it was essential that they consumed clean water that safeguarded their health profile.

” NCEAC helped SU develop its own sanitizer, the work on COVID-19 Testing Laboratory is at an advanced stage there, and a number of other important research projects are also in the run at the Centre. This Centre, therefore, remains as SU crown”, Dr. Burfat complimented.

Director NCEAC Prof. Dr Shuhabuddin Memon and Incharge Water Filter Plant Dr. Ayaz Ali Memon in their joint brief informed the Vice Chancellor that the given development was an outcome of dedicated donations from the Centre alumni.

The plant facility will stay open to faculty, officers, employees and students from early morning hours to late evening hours.